Overdrafts and insufficient funds occur when your account does not have enough money available to cover a transaction. When your account is overdrawn, the transaction that put your account into the negative is returned to the sending bank. Your Hingham account is set to pay transactions from largest to smallest, in the hope that the largest withdrawals would have the most negative impact if we returned them.

Helpful Tips on Preventing Overdraft

  • Set up a Sweep by linking another Hingham Savings account to cover any overdrawn balances. This way, a transfer can happen automatically if an account overdraws and there are no additional fees applied.

Sweep/Overdraft Protection Enrollment Form

  • Sign up for Online Banking and access your account balance and history 24 hours a day.

  • You can even enroll right from your phone using our mobile banking app.

It is important to note the difference between the account balance and the available balance. Money is pulled from your account using the available balance amount and not the account balance.

See fees associated with overdraft and insufficient funds here.

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