What is the cost for using External Transfer?
There is no cost for using External Transfer 

How do I add my accounts from other institutions?

Once you've enrolled in External Transfer, you will need to add your accounts at other institutions to transfer to and from these accounts. 

To do so:

  1. Launch External Transfer.
  2. Select "Add a New Account." 
  3. Select the account type from the drop down and enter the required information in each of the fields then select "add."
  4. You will then be prompted to either enter your online banking credentials for the institution being added or to verify test deposits that have been deposited into the account being added. Once you've completed this step, you will be able to send and receive funds from the added institution. 

Why does it say that my account was denied?

Your account could be denied for a couple of different reasons. Most commonly, an account number or routing number was entered incorrectly. Your account could also be denied if it is inactive, closed or frozen. If you need to update information on your account you can make edits in the external transfer portal.

How do I manage my accounts?

To manage existing accounts (including editing or deleting) you will need to login and navigate to your external transfer portal. On the upper right hand corner you will have a link “Manage your accounts”. Click on the account that needs maintenance and select edit. 

Who is eligible for External Transfer?

Any customer with personal checking accounts and online banking that has been a customer of Hingham Savings for 30 days or longer. 

What is the difference between External Transfer and P2P services?

Unlike P2P services such as Zelle or Popmoney, External Transfer is setup to only allow transfers to accounts at other institutions that you are a signer on. This service is not for transfers to peers or businesses. If you need to send funds to other people,  we suggest Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay or wire transfers. 

Can I  External Transfer in and out of my Line of Credit?

No, in order to transfer in and out of a Line of credit you would need to first transfer internally to your checking account. Once funds are in your checking account you can external transfer from the checking account only.

What are the transfer limits for External Transfer?

Per transaction limit: $5,000 Inbound/$5,000 Outbound

Daily limit: $5,000 Inbound/$5,000 Outbound

Monthly limit: $10,000 Inbound/$10,000 Outbound

At any given time you can have up to $30,000 in outstanding transfers. 

What is the minimum amount I can send on External Transfer?

Minimum amount is $10.00

How long does it take to send money via External Transfer?

Transfers made through External Transfer will take up to 3 business days to fully complete. We do not participate in next day or same day transfers. 

What will show on my transaction history as the External Transfer description?

When transferring out of an account the transaction description will show as an ACH Withdrawal, followed by an abbreviation of the name of the bank you are transferring to followed by CK WEBXFER.

When transferring into an account the description will show an abbreviated bank name followed by CK WEBXFER P2P.

Can I access External Transfer on my mobile app?

Yes, External Transfer is available for HIFS personal mobile app users. In order to access you will need to first enroll via the retail banking on our website. Once enrolled you can use the app to add new accounts, verify accounts and send money. To access the account maintenance section on the app, select "to" or "from" and choose from the account list displayed.

When I click on External Transfer it is not loading the page. Do I need to change settings?

Before opening External Transfers, please make sure you have selected to allow all cookies and pop-ups on your browser. Without doing so, the External Transfer page may have issues opening.

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