Why does it say that my account at my other bank was denied?

Your account could be denied for a couple of different reasons. Most commonly, an account number or routing number was entered incorrectly. Your account could also be denied if it is inactive, closed or frozen. If you need to update information on your account you can make edits in the external transfer portal.

Can I use External Transfers with my Line of Credit?

No, in order to transfer in and out of a Line of Credit you would need to first transfer funds to your checking or savings account. Once the funds have been transferred, you can use External Transfers to and from your checking or savings account.

When I click on External Transfer it is not loading the page. Do I need to change settings?

Before opening External Transfers, please make sure you have selected to allow all cookies and pop-ups on your browser. Without doing so, the External Transfer page may have issues opening.

Can I access External Transfer on my personal mobile app?

Yes, External Transfer is available for Hingham personal mobile app users. In order to access you will need to first set up External Transfers in your personal online banking in a browser. Once enrolled you can use the app to add new accounts, verify accounts and send money. To access the account maintenance section on the app, select "to" or "from" and choose from the account list displayed.

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