Using P2P Apps With Your Hingham Account

Connecting your Hingham account to other services like Venmo and TransferWise

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Using Third Party Services with Hingham

There are many third-party payment apps that our customers use with their Hingham accounts to send and receive money digitally.  Some allow you to send money domestically, others allow you to send money overseas.  Our architecture is open and although we don't recommend any particular services, there are some that are particularly popular among our staff and customers.  Hingham Institution for Savings specifically disclaims responsibility for your experience using any of these services (see fine print below).

In most cases, you will set up these services using your Hingham account number and routing number. In the background, these services will use something called the Automated Clearing House network (or ACH) to integrate with our systems and gather information or transfer funds.  Some services will verify your ownership of the account using a series of small transactions that will be posted to your account; you must verify the amount of these transactions prior to completing enrollment in the service. These small transactions are sometimes referred to as micro deposits.

Commonly Used Services

Venmo - Venmo is the leading person-to-person (P2P) mobile payment app and many of us at Hingham use it personally.  You can connect your Hingham account using either your account number/routing number or via your Hingham Institution for Savings Mastercard Debit Card.  We also find this a popular option for smaller landlords and property managers for collecting rent. We find that our customers experience the fewest issues using Venmo for sending and receiving payments.

Zelle - Zelle is an increasingly popular P2P service offered by many banks. Hingham is not a direct partner with Zelle, so when you search for Hingham in your Zelle app, it will not appear for connection. You can, however, select "Don't See Your Bank?" and connect Zelle to your Hingham account using your debit card. This allows you to receive payments, such as rents, at Hingham. If you use the app to send money, the weekly send limit is $500 for Hingham debit cards and has been established by Zelle. We cannot increase or decrease this limit for you.

Wise - Wise is another application for sending funds internationally, with both mobile and web applications. 

Google Pay - Google Pay allows you to send money to anyone in the United States with their email address or phone number.  You can connect your Hingham account using either your account number/routing number or via your Hingham Institution for Savings Mastercard Debit Card.

Apple Pay - Apple Pay allows you to send money to other iPhone contacts directly through the iMessages app using Apple Cash. In order to send Person to Person payments you will first want to connect your Hingham Institution for Savings Mastercard Debit Card to Apple Pay through the Wallet app on your iPhone and set up your Apple Cash card. By default when you send money, any balance on your Apple Cash card will be used first. If you don’t have enough money in your Apple Cash balance to send the payment, you can pay the remainder with your linked Hingham Institution for Savings Mastercard Debit Card.

Fine Print

Hingham Institution for Savings does not sponsor, endorse, or guarantee the information on any of the external sites listed above, nor does Hingham Institution for Savings warrant the performance of any of the above services or the security or privacy of any of the above websites or services.  The Bank is not responsible for or liable for the content, information, security, or failure of any products or services listed above or any of the above external site's privacy or data protection safeguards. These services, in turn, do not endorse Hingham.

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