Soft tokens are a security feature offered for customers that utilize our ACH and Wire services via business online banking. A soft token is an app that is installed on your Apple or Android smartphone and generates a digital signature or one-time passcode. The use of a soft token adds an additional layer of security by requiring you to scan the digital signature or enter your unique passcode when submitting or approving ACH and wire transfers.

Can I use Soft Tokens when using the Business Mobile app?

Yes. You will need to complete the activation process first by logging into Business Online. Once activated, you can use the soft token to initiate ACH and Wire transfer templates or to approve pending ACH and wire transfers.

What happens if I get a new phone?

If the Digipass for Business Banking app was not already transferred to the new phone, simply download it again from the app store. We will look to the unique identifiers on your profile to enable your token on your new phone.

What happens if I lose my phone ?

Please contact our Digital Banking Group at 781-783-1701 for assistance in enabling a new token.

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