Viewing your e-statements

In order to view your e-statements you must log into online banking.  Once logged into online banking, click on the account you would like to view.  This will bring you to a screen showing your current balance and a snapshot of the recent activity on the account. To view the statement click on the 'documents' link near the top of the page.  A new window will pop up and on the left hand-side you will have the option to view your statement. Click on the 'view statement' link. 

If accessing eStatements for the first time, it will prompt you to enroll.

If this is your first time logging into eStatements you will be directed to the Terms and Conditions page where you will need to open a PDF link that contains your enrollment code.

Once you click to open the PDF you should copy the blue and black code at the top of the document and enter it at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions page. 

Once entered click submit and follow the eStatements prompts to complete enrollment.

If you are having trouble, check your internet browsers pop-up settings.

Exporting your account data

After logging into online banking click on the account from which you would like to export data.  Click on the 'download' link near the top of the page.  A new window will pop up asking for a date range and format (choose from .csv, .ofx, .qbo, .qfx). After completing the required fields click 'download transactions'. Your file should appear at the bottom of your browser. 

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