Customers with a checking or money market account are eligible to enroll in Bill Pay.
To enroll, select Bill Pay from the menu bar when logged into Online Banking. You will be brought to our Terms of Service. 

Read the Terms of Service, click "I Accept" and "Next Step."

You will then be brought to our Privacy Policy.

Read the Privacy Policy, click "I Accept" and "Next Step"

You will then start the Enrollment process. 

Complete the Basic Info fields and click "Next Step". 

You will now be eligible to make payments up to $400 while you are waiting to have your account verified. 

To Verify Your Account:

Log on to your online account within 1 to 2 business days after enrolling in Bill Pay and do the following:

    1. Identify the small dollar deposits made into the account
    2. Access Bill Pay Center.
    3. Enter the amounts of the deposits to verify the account.

*If you have trouble with confirming small dollar deposits, contact us. 

To Initiate Bill Pay:
Make sure you are in Payment Center

Select or add the appropriate account from the accounts tab:

Add your payees and fill out the requested information:

Once a payee is added, it will appear in your "Payment Center." You can then fill out the required fields and click "Send Money" to make your payment. You can also set up a recurring payment by selecting "AutoPay" and filling out the required fields. 

You can manage or edit your payees at anytime by clicking on the payee name in your payment center.

Should you have any further questions please reach out to the Digital Banking Group at 781-783-1743.

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