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Using Bill Pay for Personal Online Banking
Using Bill Pay for Personal Online Banking

Pay your bills online

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Setting up a New Payee

To set up a new payee in Bill Pay first log into Online Banking and select Bill Pay from the top right menu.

From the Payment Center select Add Company or Person

Search for your Payee or add your payees' information.

Paying Bills

Once a payee is added, it will appear in your Payment Center. You can fill out the required fields and click Send Money to make your payment. The Deliver By date will automatically prefill with the first available payment date after entering the payment amount and may differ by payee based on their payment method.

For monthly bills you can set up a recurring payment by selecting Auto Pay and filling out the required fields.

Manage Payees

You can manage or edit your payees at anytime by clicking on the payee name in your payment center.

Manage Accounts, Address & Profile Information

You can use the Bill Pay Payment Center options to modify account, address, or profile information.

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