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Activating your Debit Card within our Personal Mobile App
Activating your Debit Card within our Personal Mobile App
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Activating your Debit Card has never been easier, you can now activate your debit card right from your mobile device using our personal mobile application.

  1. Open our personal mobile banking application on your device

  2. Log In

  3. Select the Cards option from the navigation menu

  4. Scroll through the list of cards until you locate the card to be activated

  5. Select Activate Card

  6. Enter the Expiration Date (Valid Thru Date) and the Security Code from the back of the card and then select Activate

  7. A confirmation screen will display noting successful activation, select Set PIN to enter a unique PIN for your card.

  8. A Security Token must be sent in order to proceed to the Set PIN step, select the method of delivery for the Security Token and click Next.

  9. Enter the Security Token code received and select Next

  10. Enter your desired 4-digit PIN and confirm, then select Submit

  11. A confirmation screen will appear noting PIN generation successful. Your card is now active and your PIN is ready to be used, you can now add your card to your device's digital wallet if desired.

If you encounter any issues with activating your debit card using the personal mobile banking app, you can always activate via telephone. Refer to our Debit Card Activation article for more details.

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