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Setting Up Debit Card Alerts in the Mobile App
Setting Up Debit Card Alerts in the Mobile App
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For Hingham Institution for Savings, protecting customer information and preventing fraud isn't just a responsibility, it's at the core of our identity. We understand the financial and emotional distress fraud can cause, and we view safeguarding your hard-earned money as a fundamental commitment.

While we have and security measures in place to help detect and deter fraudulent activity both during business hours and outside of business hours, you can help detect and prevent fraud by using the account alert features we offer.

Setting up Debit Card alerts can help to quickly identify any suspicious activity that may occur on your account(s).

Prompt notification of suspicious activity will allow you, and us, to take action quickly.

Setting up Debit Card Alerts in the Mobile App

  1. Open our Mobile Banking App from your device.

  2. Log In.

  3. Select the Cards option from the bottom navigation menu.

  4. Enter the Security Token when prompted to verify your identity and then select Next.

  5. Scroll through the cards listed until the desired card displays on the screen.

  6. Locate and select the Controls & Alerts option

  7. Select the Alerts tab

  8. Set Alerts for:

    1. All debit card activities

    2. No alerts

    3. Selected activities

  9. Note: Setting alerts for location based activities will require you to enable location access on your device. Follow your device's on screen instructions to allow location access.

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