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Traveling With Your Hingham Savings Debit Card
Traveling With Your Hingham Savings Debit Card

Using your card while traveling

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Should I let you know I will be travelling with my card?

Yes, you can set up travel plans and change them at any time using the Cards option within our Mobile Banking Application. Click here to learn more about our MyCard feature.

If you do not have access to our Mobile Banking Application, you may download and enroll right from your phone.

As an alternative, you can also let us know you are traveling internationally by filling out the form below:

Please be advised that it can take up to 1 business day to process travel request forms.

Can I use my debit card outside the United States?

Yes, you can use your Hingham Savings debit card while traveling internationally. Learn more in our Using Your Card Internationally article to understand where there may be some restrictions.

Helpful travel tips:

  • When you travel, you'll probably be making purchases outside your normal routine. Our fraud-prevention systems may automatically decline any transactions (or series of transactions) which seem questionable. If you run into any trouble using your card while traveling, give us a call at 781-749-2200 so we can assist you.

  • Use your My Cards option in your Mobile Banking application to manage up to 2 travel plans which can include up to 15 destinations each.

  • Use your PIN whenever possible to lessen the likelihood of a transaction being declined.

  • Standard Hingham Savings debit card limits apply to international purchases.

  • It is always suggested to carry a secondary form of payment in case transactions are restricted outside of Hingham Savings control. This would include any rules that are managed by Mastercard®️ or Networks associated with ATM's abroad. We are unable to override any rules controlled by Networks or ATM owners.

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