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Your Digital Wallet

Enrolling your card in your digital wallet

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At Hingham, we're always looking to give you access to the best payment technology.

Adding your debit card to a digital wallet unlocks convenience and security. Ditch the bulky wallet, tap-and-pay with ease, and enjoy extra protection with fingerprint or PIN verification. It's a win-win for lighter pockets and peace of mind!

Enroll your HIFS Debit Card in Apple Pay and/or Google Pay by following the below steps:

  • On your iPhone or Android, go to your Wallet and tap the "+" in the upper right corner to add a card.

  • Select "Continue" and follow to the next screen.

  • Select "Debit or Credit Card."

  • Select "Add a New Card."

  • Position your card in the frame provided with the back of the card facing you; making sure the card number is visible. Alternatively, you can choose to manually enter your card information.

  • Verify your card information ensuring the information captured in the scan is accurate and fill in any information not captured.

  • Enter your Expiration Date.

  • Enter your Security code.

  • You will need to accept the terms and conditions to activate your debit card in your Digital Wallet.

  • Select Use as Default Card if you would like to use your Hingham Savings debit card as the primary card in your digital wallet; otherwise you can select "not now".

    *During this process, you may be prompted to enter a one time digital passcode to authenticate your enrollment. Simply select the phone number or email address we should send the code to. Once the code is confirmed on the next prompt, you are all set to use Apple Pay and/or Google Pay with your Hingham Savings Debit Card.

Additional Security Features Hingham Savings offers:

Manage your Hingham Savings debit card in the palm of your hand. Download the Hingham Savings mobile banking app for Personal Online Banking. Once you log in to mobile banking, select Cards from the home screen.

The My Cards app allows you to control your debit card from your smartphone while offering an additional layer of security for your debit card. You have the ability to define when, where, and how your card can be used. The app also allows you to turn your Hingham Savings debit card on/off for fraud protection if you misplaced your card temporarily.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at 781-749-2200.

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