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Managing Rent Collection

ZRent helps Property Managers automate rent collection

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You can save time chasing after monthly payments by automating and digitizing the collection of rent directly into your account at Hingham Savings with free access to ZRent by ZSuite Technologies, Inc.

The process for landlords is as simple as:

  1. Adding a property to the platform

  2. Inviting the renters via email to enter their funding bank account information, their payment amount, and their payment schedule directly into the platform

  3. Start collecting rent!

Both landlords and renters will enjoy the convenience of this platform.

Features & Benefits for Landlords:

  • Faster Payments: Receive funds one business day from the time your renter's payments are processed.

  • Easy Online Access: ZRent is available 24/7 on desktop, laptop, table or mobile devices.

  • Detail Dashboard: Log in to view your property and unit details, invite renters on current and even future leases and view payment information.

  • Payment Forecasting: With ZRent, you will see up to six months worth of future payments in the dashboard.

  • Descriptive Transactions: The unique ACH transaction descriptions allow you to save time on bookkeeping and monthly reconciliations.

  • Monthly Reporting: Receive an automated report via email on the 15th of every month with details about every property and unit.

Features & Benefits for Renters:

  • Easy Online Access: Renters can access and update their payment information 24/7 via desktop, laptop, table or mobile device.

  • Automated Payments: Renters can set up payments from their bank account on a recurring basis or for a specific date range to 'set it and forget it'.

  • Payment Tracking: A history of payments and log of upcoming payments are available to view.

  • Bank Account Privacy: Renters bank account information remains completely confidential and does not get shared.

  • Roommate Sharing Option: Split the rent between multiple people within a unit easily.

  • Free Usage: Renters will never pay a fee for this platform.

For a deeper dive into ZRent, see the overview.

Whether you're an existing or a new customer, our Specialized Deposit Group would love to connect to see how this solution can help you.

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