Managing Security Deposit Accounts

ZEscrow helps Property Managers easily manage security deposit accounts

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Many property management companies, landlords and property managers require security deposit accounts for tenants. Managing numerous separate accounts can often feel cumbersome and waiting for someone to help creates inefficiency in your business.

That's why Hingham Savings provides clients with a best-in-class security deposit platform from ZSuite Technologies Inc. called ZEscrow.

ZEscrow makes it easier than ever to manage these accounts right within Business Online Banking. Purpose-built for property managers, ZEscrow is a user-friendly platform where you can:

  • Open, fund, manage, and close security deposits online quickly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Organize security deposits through a folder system to easily track by building and unit

  • Access detailed statements

  • Track interest and disbursements with simple reporting

  • Automated delivery of statements and tax reporting

  • Invite tenants to complete necessary paperwork online

  • Pay no monthly maintenance fees

All of your funds remain on deposit with Hingham Institution for Savings.

To get a better sense of the platform, view our overview and get a closer look at statements and reports. For a deeper dive, see our user guide.

Whether you're an existing or a new customer, our Specialized Deposit Group would love to connect to see how this solution can help you.

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