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Renewing Your Certificate of Deposit
Renewing Your Certificate of Deposit

Roll over your CD account online

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To renew your CD or IRA for a different term, click the link below. You can also call us at 781-749-2200, or email us at [email protected].

No action is needed if you would like to renew your CD with the same term and current rate, with the exception of CDs opened / renewed as specials.

Reminder notices are mailed out 30 days before maturity. Upon maturity, you have the ability to renew for a different term, add funds to the account or withdraw funds with no penalty. All CDs and IRAs have a 10 calendar day grace period after the maturity date.

*Our current rates are always posted on our website, please click here to view. Please note our IRA rates are the same as our CD rates with the exception of our 2 month CD product.

*Breaking or closure of CDs outside of the maturity or grace period may result in penalties, please contact us for more information.

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