ACH Origination Reversal Guide

Reversing your ACH transaction

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Reversing an ACH Entry

Reversing an ACH file is needed if a file is sent in error. Before processing a reversal there are some things to consider:

  1. Please be sure to first reach out to your receiver and discuss options, the receiver needs to be aware that the reversal is going to happen and you will want to make sure the funds are still sufficient in the receivers account.

  2. The reasoning behind a reversal should be that your transfer was simply sent in error and there should not be any other reason that the transfer would be returned otherwise. If you find out after sending a transfer that your receiver has placed a stop payment or does not have sufficient funds then the transfer will be returned by the receivers bank automatically and you do not want to initiate a reversal.

If you do need to process a reversal you have 5 business days from origination date to reverse the file from the receiver.

How to Reverse an ACH Entry

To reverse an ACH entry please login to online banking and navigate to the ACH portal. On your main activity page locate the file that needs to be reversed and click Reverse from the options on the right. Scroll to the receiver line item and click the Reverse button to the right hand side so that it is set to yes.

Click next.

On the next page you will need to set your reversal date and the account you will be reversing the funds back to. Once the information is entered you can click Complete ACH.

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