Check Deposit Requirements

Can I deposit my check into my account?

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You can deposit almost all types of checks to your Hingham account. Here is a quick guide to help your determine if your check is eligible for deposit:

Types of checks can you deposit:

  • Checks drawn on US banks in US funds

  • Checks payable to yourself or the business/ trust named on the account you are depositing the funds into

  • Treasurer's / Cashier's checks

Types of checks cannot be deposited:

  • Stale or Post dated checks - checks over 6 months old and checks dated in the future

  • Third Party checks - checks payable to someone else and signed over to you or made payable to you and someone not listed on the account

  • Previously returned checks or substitute checks - checks that have already been deposited and returned to you as unable to pay

  • Traveler’s checks

  • Checks made payable to a deceased depositor

Types of checks we can accept only in branch locations or by mail:

  • Checks drawn on non US banks

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