How to Access ZEscrow Statements

In ZEscrow you can find the account statements for your subaccounts

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There are monthly statements for all ZEscrow Subaccounts available within the ZEscrow platform. To access the statements for all the subaccounts associated with a given Master ZEscrow account you can follow these steps:

  • Login to your Business Online banking.

  • Select "Login to ZEscrow" under "Digital Escrow" section.

  • When in the ZEscrow platform, you can select the given tile for the associated Master ZEscrow account.

  • When viewing the activity for the given Master ZEscrow account, you can find the statements for your subaccounts in the bottom right hand corner:

  • When selecting a given month's statement, it would include the cumulative totals for all subaccount activity (total balances, statement period interest, number of subaccounts across various criteria. Then the document would also include the individual monthly statements for each individual subaccount.

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