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Subordination Agreement Request
Subordination Agreement Request

Submitting a request for a subordination agreement on your residential loan

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If you are working with a lender who has indicated that your loan with HIFS needs to be subordinated, you or your lender will need to provide the below referenced documents to our Loan Servicing department in order to begin the review process.

Documents Required for Subordination Request:

  1. A letter from the new lender requesting the subordination agreement with the proper wording for the new First Mortgagee

  2. Completed Form 1003/Uniform Loan Application

  3. Signed Mortgage Commitment Letter

  4. Copy of Property Appraisal Report

  5. A paid return overnight package/envelope indicating where the bank is to return approved documentation to

Once all of the above documentation has been gathered, please scan and/or forward the complete package to: [email protected]

Please be advised that subordination agreement requests are at the full discretion of the bank and are not guaranteed. This request is specifically reserved for residential loans only as we do not offer subordination on commercial loans.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Loan Servicing team at 781-783-1702.

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Loan Servicing

Phone: 781-783-1702

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