How to submit a Payoff Request:

Please go to the following link to submit a payoff request: Payoff Request Form

All payoff requests will be returned in the form of an e-mail or fax. Please allow 48 hours (2 business days) for payoff statements to be produced.

Method of Payoff:

All payoffs must be received via wire. Wiring instructions will be sent along with all payoff statements.

What happens to remaining escrow money?

A positive escrow balance is deducted from total payoff statement.

Will my loan still be active?

Once the payoff is quoted, the loan will be locked out from processing any future or pending transactions. If you intend to make a payment before the effective date of payoff, please note that in your payoff request.

The loan will still be open until the payoff is received and late fees may accrue if a payment is not made while the payoff is pending.  Should a monthly payment come due before a payoff is set to take place, please contact Loan Servicing directly to have the payment processed and payoff quote revised.

What happens with my real estate tax payment after my loan is paid?

Once a loan is closed after payoff is received, the borrower is responsible for paying real estate taxes directly or through their new lender.  

How will my loan be discharged?

The bank will prepare, notarize and mail the original discharge to the requesting party (either an appointed closing attorney or directly to the borrower). This discharge must be filed in the same registry of deeds in which your deed was recorded in order to release the mortgage from the title to the property.

Contact Loan Servicing:

For further questions you may contact the loan servicing department:  

781-783-1702 or [email protected] 

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