A wire transfer template is essentially the prototype of a wire transfer. A wire transfer template is created to be used for future use. A template retains the pertinent information such as payee information and receiving bank information and archives it. This is commonly used if a customer would be sending multiple wires to the same recipient in the future. You can create a wire transfer template now and then in the future you only need to alter the amount and date.

A wire transfer template needs to be created in a browser or on a desktop. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your online banking account.

  • Select Payments & Transfers

  • Select Wire

  • Select Wire Transfer Template and Submit, then select the new icon.

  • Complete all fields for your Wire Transfer Template. Then select Save.

  • After creating the Wire Transfer Template, the wire transfer information can be initiated from our business mobile app. After the template is created, the information will be saved for future wire transfers.

Creating a Wire Transfer Template

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