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Adding a Travel Plan in the MyCard App
Adding a Travel Plan in the MyCard App
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Set up a Travel Plan on your Debit Card in our Mobile App

You can set up travel plans and change them at any time using the Cards option within our Mobile Banking Application.

If you do not have access to our Mobile Banking Application, you may download and enroll right from your phone.

  1. Open our Mobile Banking App from your device.

  2. Log In.

  3. Select the Cards option from the bottom navigation menu.

  4. Enter the Security Token when prompted to verify your identity and then select Next.

  5. Scroll through the cards listed until the desired card displays on the screen.

  6. Scroll down to locate the Manage Travel Plans option.

  7. Select Add Travel Plan.

  8. Select Destinations to search for your travel location.

  9. Enter the Country or State in the Search field to Add locations. Select Done when all travel destinations have been added to the list.

    1. Note: you may add up to 15 destinations per travel plan, if you are traveling to more than 15 locations you can enter multiple travel plans to cover all destinations.

  10. Next, add your travel dates and then click Submit to finalize and save your travel plan.

    1. Note: Travel dates can not exceed 15 days, if you are traveling longer than 15 days you can enter multiple travel plans to cover the full range of your travel time.

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