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Applying for a Commercial Loan
Applying for a Commercial Loan
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For almost thirty years, Hingham Institution for Savings has specialized in commercial real estate lending.

Our conservative balance sheet and our financial strength have enabled us to continue lending this year to strong borrowers. We have not been meaningfully impacted by COVID-19 and we continue to build relationships with new customers.

Following is a brief summary of our commercial real estate lending program:

General Terms: Competitive pricing, 35-year amortization

Structure: 5/7/10 Year Initial Fixed Period, Up to 20YR Term with Adjustments

Cost: No application fees, no origination fees/points on term loans

Product Types: Multifamily, Apartment, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Industrial

Loan Type: Term, Construction, Redevelopment, Special Situation

Loan and Relationship Size: Up to $65 million

Lending Region: Massachusetts, Washington DC/Northern Virginia, San Francisco Bay Area

As you look to acquire new buildings or restructure existing debt, please keep us in mind.

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