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Setting up and sending International ACH in Business Online

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Hingham Institution for Savings now offers International ACH origination for our Business Online customers who have sophisticated International business relationships.

To establish International ACH Origination access, contact your Relationship Manager directly, or contact a cash management specialist at (781) 783-1701. Previous Domestic ACH Origination access must be established to be eligible for International ACH Origination.

How Much Does Sending an International ACH Payment Cost?

Hingham Institution for Savings never charges for ACH Cash Management Services, including International ACH Payments. International Banks may charge a return fee if a payment is returned.

What Countries Can I send International ACH Payments to?

We currently offer International ACH Payments to all of the FedGlobal recognized Payment Destinations:

How Long Does It Take For A Receiver to Receive an International ACH Payment?

IAT payments are not eligible for Same Day Processing. On average, the time it takes the receiver to get the funds is 1 to 3 days; this, however, may vary based on the receiving country. Business Online always defaults to the next day for a value date. Value date can be changed to any eligible date up to 31 days in the future.

Please note that regulatory screening, as well as the receiving country’s holidays, may impact timing of payment being received and posted to receivers’ account.

How Do I Input Payment Information?

Currently, we offer two ways to send an International ACH Payment -- through a NACHA file upload (recommended), or by manually entering the payment information.

  • Once you are enrolled in International ACH Origination, Log Into Business Online and navigate to the Payments & Transfers Tab

  • Select ACH, then select your file method (New Payment for manual input, and Import File for NACHA file upload)

  • In the Payment Type field, Select International IAT from the dropdown menu

  • Upload your file, or input your Receiver information and submit

What Happens If My Payment Is Returned?

Return payment rules can vary significantly by country. Return dollar amounts may also may not match the original payment amount sent due to currency conversion. Return payments notifications will be sent to your email address on file with the return reason listed.

If you have any questions about submitting an International ACH Payment, please reach out to our Cash Management Team at (781) 783-1701, or via email at [email protected]

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