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Requesting Bank Endorsement on Insurance Loss Check
Requesting Bank Endorsement on Insurance Loss Check

Steps for obtaining endorsement from the bank relating to an insurance claim and/or property damage

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Below are the general steps of what you can expect if you have encountered property damage and need to file an insurance claim or are in receipt of an insurance loss check and require the banks endorsement. We review each situation uniquely and with special care.

  1. Has your property been damaged?

    1. Please be sure to contact your insurance company right away to get the claims process going. This will likely require an adjuster to come out to the property and analyze the damage. The bank may require documentation from the adjuster relating to the damage and what improvements are required to restore the property.

    2. Verify with the agent on the following:

      1. Details of the insurance loss claim process and timeline

      2. How the check will be made out and the names of all borrowers required to sign the check

      3. Hingham Institution for Savings is listed as a payee on the check

  2. Are you in receipt of an insurance check and now require the banks endorsement?

    As your mortgagee, we are required to ensure that your property is restored in a timely manner and that the value of your home or investment property remains strong. Depending on the scope of damage and nature of the check, the bank may oversee the repairs process.

Once our endorsement is required, please contact the bank at 781-749-2200 or at

[email protected] to begin the approval process. In most

cases, the bank is generally able to provide a decision within 24-48 hours upon receipt of the request.

We know that this can be an immensely stressful experience and we are

prepared to support you as much as possible throughout the entire process.

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