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Exporting Your Account History
Exporting Your Account History

Download your account history in CSV, OFX, and QFX files

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Exporting your account history gives you a complete list of transactions on your account within a given date range. This is different from your monthly account

statement (for help downloading your monthly statement, please see our help article Viewing Statements in Personal Online).

To export your account history, log into Personal Online on a computer or in a browser. If you do not already have online access to your account, click here to set up your online banking.

  • Select the account you wish to export account history information for

  • Select the Download link under the account number.

  • A new window will pop up asking for a date range and format (choose from .csv, .ofx, or .qfx). After completing the required fields click Download Transactions.

  • Your file should appear at the bottom of your browser or in your downloads folder on your device.

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