For almost two hundred years, we have been an integral part of the communities that we serve, providing simple, common-sense residential mortgages. Many of you are our friends and our neighbors, as well as our partners and our customers. We appreciate your trust in us and we will meet these challenging times together.

We strongly encourage all of our residential borrowers to protect their primary asset - their home - and utilize whatever resources are available to them to remain current on their mortgage payments. This may involve drawing on reserves, investment accounts, or seeking alternative forms of credit. We do not sell our loans and we do not participate in the secondary mortgage market. Consequently, while you may have read about blanket forbearance programs offered by the federal government, these programs do not apply at Hingham. If you can pay, you should pay.

Some of our customers will face extraordinary hardships during this crisis.  A handful of our customers may not have sufficient resources available to them to continue paying as normal. For these extraordinary cases, we will evaluate modification and forbearance options on the basis of need.  It is critical that we have an updated understanding of your financial situation - please complete and sign a Personal Financial Statement so that we may quickly evaluate your request. We intend to structure such modifications to help our customers through the next three to six months.  

Such requests should be directed to Assistant Vice President/Collections, Kelly Connelly, at 781-783-1787 / [email protected]. If you believe this may apply to you, please contact us immediately and make every effort to remain current.  

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