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Providing Updated Insurance Policies
Providing Updated Insurance Policies

Where to send annual insurance policy updates

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All borrowers are required to maintain insurance on properties mortgaged with Hingham Institution for Savings. The type of insurance required varies per loan. Typically your insurance carrier will send us an updated policy each year. If for any reason we do not receive an updated policy we will contact you.  If we have contacted you for proof of insurance, please work with your insurance carrier and send your current policy to: 


Mail: Hingham Institution for Savings
PO Box 3160
Reston, VA 20195

FAX Number : 518-863-7464

Call Center Phone: 1-888-248-9499

If you need to update your insurance binder, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Names: Insured names on the binder must match the name(s) as they appear on the Loan Documents.

  2. Mortgagee Clause must read as follows:

    1. Hingham Institution for Savings


      PO Box 3160

      Reston, VA 20195

  3. The binder/insurance policy should include the following:

    1. Premium Amount

    2. Whether the premium has been paid in full

    3. Whether there is a replacement cost

    4. Policy period

    5. Dwelling Amount

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